How do I record w/ built in tv tuner?

Hi guys

I want to start off on what I want to accomplish here, I want to record xbox game plays on my pc. I heard people buy different devices like a tv tuner just to record videos. I have a Viewsonic diamaniduo nx2232w hd lcd. It comes with all kinds of connections including a tuner. As seen in the picture

I can connect my xbox 360 direct to the back of my lcd and it will play. My question is how do I record this by using this setup?

My video card is ati hd4850 if that helps.
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  1. you will need a device that will input the signal into your computer, not just your TV. many TV tuner cards will come with video inputs. or you can get one of those video conversion kits which will also provide you with the inputs needed to feed the video to your computer.
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