Can't OC 1055T past 3.18 GHZ

Help please. I'm new to overclocking and have been able to slightly overclock but are having problems.
System specs:
-AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
-Stock cooler
-Gigabyte GA 870A-UD3
-Mushkin Enhanced Essentials 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666)
-Asus EAH5550
-A Cheap Logysis 480w PSU
-7200 RPM 250GB Seagate

Current settings:
FSB- 227 mhz
Multiplier- x14
Turbo Core- disabled
NB/HT Multiplier- x7
The max frequency I've been able to achieve was 3.18 ghz but I've heard of several people overclocking to 3.5 ghz on stock cooler.
If I put the FSB to 230 it BSODS

What am I setting wrong?

Is my PSU to weak(I will be getting a new 600+ watt PSU anyway, so no worries if it is the PSU)?

Not enough cooling? My idle temps are 21C and 46C running prime95 when i OC to 3.18 ghz.

Here is CPUID:

Here are temps:

Thanks for any help i get!
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  1. Lower the RAM multiplier, the cheap PSU doesn't help but if you have not lowered the RAM multiplier then that will be the problem.
  2. ^+1 on the RAM multiplier, when you raise the fsb, you raise the speed of the RAM too. It is now running over the 1333Mhz it is rated for.
  3. With 1333 RAMs your sweet spot is 250MHz, but you must drop your memory from 667 to 533.

    5.33x250MHz = 1333MHz

    Your HT Link speed is best maintained around 2000MHz (or 8x250MHz).

    As noted, your RAMs are running 6.67x227MHz, or 1513MHz. Ooops. AMD RAMs are 'double-pumped'. So if you click on the *memory* tab your DRAM Freq will be reported as 757MHz

    Your IMC/NB should function nicely at 10x250MHz with a slight bump in NB volts -- probably something like 1.1875.
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions, but using what everyone has recommend it fails to boot.
    I've lowered the ram from 6.66 to 5.33 with the FSB at 250 mhz, but it failed to boot
    I used the settings wisecracker suggested, but it failed to boot.
    I played with the settings for about 10 min, but couldnt find the right settings
    If I can't even hit 3.5 GHZ how will I ever hit 4 GHZ?

    Please help, thanks in advanced
  5. FYI, my CPU ran stock at 1.375V. I see yours is running at 1.328. If you need to, you can raise your Vcore to try to achieve higher OC.

    With my stock 1.375V, I can run at 3.71Ghz. Max safe Vcore for these chips is 1.55V.

    Try raising your Vcore a bit while keeping your RAM multiplier lowered to achieve a higher FSB. See how far that will get you.

    overclocking keep in mind there is NO GUARANTEE - some will go an extra 1ghz, some barely get an extra 100mhz - dont expect things.

    your not gaming, right?
  7. I only game once in a while.
    OCing is not a must, but it is prefered
  8. keep in mind its DDR ram when ur looking at the numbers in the bios, so cut your current ram speed in half and go one speed under that, for max stability try and clock back to your original speed profile. I literally JUST got done doing this lol, im running prime rite now : )
  9. I was changing my cpu cooler and just noticed. Im only using 4 pin EPS 12v connector, but it has a 8 pin.
    Will using 4 pin instead of 8 pin affect my ability to overclock?

    Edit: now I have a new aftermarket cooler, the corsair A50(got it at bestbu for 20 bucks, what a steeal!!!!)( it was that or the h50 for 60 bucks)
    So cooling isnt a problem now.
  10. thats probably just 2 4 pins connected together
  11. bordrandomgamer said:
    Stock cooler, A Cheap Logysis 480w PSU

    Is my PSU to weak(I will be getting a new 600+ watt PSU anyway, so no worries if it is the PSU)?

    Not enough cooling? My idle temps are 21C and 46C running prime95 when i OC to 3.18 ghz.

    1- The PSU is a crap.
    2- How much did you ran prime95? BUY a decent cooler.
  12. Disable Turbo and LLC
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