Only showing 2 of 6GB of ram

i currenly have a p6t delux mobo with a i7 920 and 6 gigs of gskill ( ram. my comp is only showing 2gigs being picked up but cpuz shows all 6. bios shows only 2 and my comp only shows 2. the question is, do i need to send back my ram or is it an eazy fix. the cpuz that shows 6 gigs is what is making me wounder what the heck is going on

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  1. have you looked in the advanced section of the boot tab in msconfig?

    that max memory could be checked and at 2048 (2GB)
  2. If the bios is showing only 2gb, then maybe your motherboard is not capable of recognizing more than 2gb of ram. What is your motherboard?
  3. max memory in msconfig is not checked. and i have an asus p6t deluxe. its capable of 24 gigs of ram.
  4. This is interesting. There was a similar problem with a ASRock,etc boards using X58.
  5. lol well that doesnt help me. do you think its a ram or mobo problem?
  6. ^Try Memtest86+. Also, the RAM is installed in the correct sockets?
  7. the ram is installed correcty. ran memtest. it says at the top left 2gigs or it said 2039MB of ram but at the bottom of the screen it showed all 3 sticks (6 gigs of ram) passed 100%. so idk what the hell is going on. :(
  8. cmill0422 said:
    the ram is installed correcty.
    So that means the DIMM slot closest to the CPU is empty, right?
  9. correct its in the 2/4/6 slot
  10. Check in your BIOS for "OS Install Mode" or something similar. That feature limits the amount of RAM available during OS installation as some OSs can't handle more RAM until after certain updates are applied.
  11. Check the discussion in this thread, the procedures there should all be tried.
  12. you could try "load optimized defaults" in bios.. about the only thing coming to mind right now.
  13. Very similar issue. But mine does it only randomly (on cold start). When I shut down the computer at night and turn it back on in the morning always shows 4Gb (of 6Gb).
    Than after that I shut off the computer, then turn it back on and my 6Gb is visible and it stays that way (till the next cold boot).
    Any ideas what could be faulty?
  14. I RMA the mainboard. However it's not the mainboard. I have the exact same problem with the replacement. I will try to RMA memory now.
  15. Hi i had the same problem just now... i had a 6gb (3x2gb) and at first it was reading 4 gb then i restarted and then it was reading only 2 gb O.o.... i looked around somewhere and some guy said to take out all you ram, then put a downward lateral pressure on the cpu fan and then put back all ram in correct spots making sure it clicks in place. when i did this my computer and my bios showed 6gb of ram :D.... hope this helps
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