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I'm not the type to go and buy a ready built p.c .. and so I've put together a spec for my new machine that I desperately need to get my hands on as soon as possible. My only worry is that I haven't been able to keep up with technology and require professional help with hardware compatibility. If I get the go ahead from someone in the know, I will have the parts delivered and have a pro assemble it for me :)

If anyone can tell me if I have selected a range of compatible components, it would be very much appreciated. Unfortunately I will still be running 32 bit, as I cannot afford to purchase the 64 bit software yet. I work from home, but I also play at home and that's why I want a semi descent machine. I have kept future upgrades in mind. It's too costly to stay at the top of technology but I definitely want to stay above average. Although i'd like to know if it will all run, I'd also like to know if it will run well (optimized).

The only components I need help with is the box and all it's insides. I will keep using my current mouse, keyboard and monitors. (Logitech Keyboard, Razor Habu Mouse, 22" Samsung Monitor, 19" Hanns.G Monitor)

Here's the spec I've put together: (I've included the links to the hardware for further details if required)

Motherboard: R 4,350.00

Intel LGA1366

Product Summary
GIGABYTE "S Series" X58 & ICH10R Chipset Socket LGA 1366 @ QPI Up To 6.4GT/s - For Intel Core™ i7 Processors Only - 3x 16X PCI-E, 1x PCI Express x1 & x4, 2x PCI, 6x DDR3 1333 (Tri Ch) ,10x Sata2 RAID, 1x ATA133, 12x USB 2.0, 2x Realtek GBE LAN - Durability 3 Series - All Solid Capacitors, 8ch Home Theatre Audio, SILENT-PIPE Cooling, Up To Quad CROSSFIRE, Up To 3-Way SLI


Processor: R 4,040.00

Intel Core I7 Quad Core Socket LGA1366 Processors

Product Summary
Intel® Boxed Core™ i7 920 Processor - 2.66GHz Quad Core, Socket 1366, 8MB L3, 4.8GT/s QPI, 45nm, x64 Support, 3 Year


Memory: R 2,085.00

DDR3-1333 240pin PC3-10667

Product Summary
Kingston Hyper-X KHX11000D3K2/4G , 2x 2Gb/2048mb kit , ddr3-1375 , CL9 , 1.6v - 240pin - lifetime warranty


Graphics Card: R 5,930.00

SC-XGTX285B Xfx GX-285N-ZDB Black edition, geforce GTX285 Graphics card
XFX 16x nVidia PCIE SLI

Product Summary
Xfx GX-285N-ZDB Black edition, geforce GTX285 , SLi support , Pci-E 2.0 16x , support HybridPower , 1Gb/1024mb 512bit DDR3 , support DirectX 10 + shader model 4.0 +FP32 HDR + 16x AA ; max resolution 2560x1600 , HDCP Compliant , RoPs : 32 , 159Gb/sec memory transfer , 240 stream processors @ 1.476Ghz ( pixel shader engine + vertex pipelines ) , core/memory : 690/2600mhz , 2 x dvi ( with dvi to d-sub + dvi to hdmi ) , HDTV tvout


Power Supply: R 1,485


Thermaltake ToughPower 700Watt - ATX 12V 2.2, EPS 12V Version, SLI,CrossFire,Dual Core CPU Ready,With Active PFC -14cm Fan


P.C Chassis 1: R2852.62



Model name Ra X10 Smooth
Case type full tower
Dimension (W x H x D) 220 x 572 x 606
Color Black / silver
5,25” drive bay 6 (incl. convert kit for 3,5’ external device)
3,5” internal drive bay 8
Expansion slots 8
Side panel Solid with noise absorbing foam
Material Entire aluminum (3.0 mm front door / 1.2 mm body construction / 2.0 mm material thickness construction bars
I/O panel top (dual e-SATA / quad USB 2.0 / one IEEE 1394 / one audio)
Cooling 1 x front 120 mm incl. LED + 1 x 120 mm optional / rear 1 x 140 mm / rear bottom 2x 80 mm / optional 1 x 120 mm bottom
Mainboard support µATX / ATX / CEB / E-ATX (extended-ATX)
Tool-less design One-touch removable front drive-bay cover / removable MB-tray / one-click HDD installation
Protection Rubber op HDD and PSU railing for anti-vibration and noise reduction
Maintenance Removable and washable filter, HDD cage and MB-tray
LED Front
Design Diamond-cut front door/ rotatable & removable anti-dust cover / EPS 12V PSU support/ 3D curve AL top cover


DVD Rom: R 335.00

LG GH22LS30 SATA 22x LightScribe Dual Layer DVD Writer - Black / Ivory

LG GH22LS30 , 22x , Lightscribe , Sata , black+beige bezel , support SecurDisc technology ( password protection , digital signature , data integrity check , PDF copy protection ) , super-multi : DL dvd+R , dvd±r/rw + dvd-ram + cd+/-rw ; 2mb - retail pack

Right, well, that's it!
I haven't done the hard drive research yet but would welcome any recommendations :) I just want to also explain that this p.c is going to be for playing my games (GTA IV ... and the like. Serious hardware intensive games), but I also work from home (Graphic Designer) and as much as I'd like to go with the 3D Video cards for enhancing my 3D applications, it's too costly to get the type of card that will be equivalent to the higher ranges of gaming cards.

Thanks in advance for any help you may have to offer :)
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  1. I7 motherboard usually are triple-channel for the ram. Get a set with 3 sticks of ram, 3x2gb.
    otherwise I see no problems with your choices. your gonna hear that you chosen a lower tier psu but I like TT.
  2. Hi...
    There are a few things that you can change...

    Certainly change the RAM - i7 supports trichannel RAMs...So you should get this...

    Motherboard - You can also get the ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 - Better board...

    And get this PSU - Corsair 750TX...Far better than the Thermaltake...

    Well not heard about the case though...
    But even take a look at these cases...They have very high reputation...

    Low cost high quality...

    Very good build quality cases...

    Quiet cases...
  3. But even that case looks good though, do see to yourself firsthand, how is the build quality...
    But I would rather go with well known brands as they would have solid build quality...
  4. Thanks guys, the only thing that worries me is the tri ram option. I'm running 32 bit so if I run 3x 2G sticks i won't be able to use all of it anyway ?? or am I way behind on technology?

    DiscoDuck: CPU price difference is too huge now, but I'm setting up my options for future upgrades. 8 months from now I'll probably be able to pick up the upgrade for the same price I bought the entry level :) LoL!! Tell me, you mentioned you liked TT. gkay09 recommended another power supply unit so I'm going to take yours and his word for it and go for that one instead.

    I haven't seen the case first hand, so thanks for the advise. I will try and organize to see a sample. The biggest reason why I'm hot for that box is not just because it's big enough for potential upgrade, but more so for the look! Daaaaamn! , I love those slick looking boxes. I'm not really into the gamer style boxes, prefer something you would see in a James Bond movie ... tee hee :) The only problem is they are few and far between. I reckon there's a huge market for P.C design .. well, IMO anyways :) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    gkay09: thanks for the recommendations. I will take a look at the stuff you've forwarded. Just wanted to ask you... If I cannot use all ram because of 32bit, could you recommend the best option for a 32 bit solution?
  5. Also ... wanted to know if this baby can be overclocked a little ... just enough for that extra oopf!
  6. Thanks for the recommendations :)

    Just one question though, having 3x 2g sticks would require 64 bit would it not? What would happen if I had the 6g mem but ran on 32 bit?
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