HIS ATI Radeon 4870 x2 cant update drivers

Hey, ive just built a new pc with a 4870 x2, ive installed the new driver from the manufacturers website. But when i go to start up left 4 dead it says i havent got the latest drivers and that my current version is At the moment ive had lilited access to the internet and havent updated my bios yet. i just wondered if anyone else has had the same problem or knows how to get it working before i do something drastic.
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  1. Just go and download the latest Cat 9.4 drivers from the AMD / ATI Website

  2. yeah ive downloaded the drivers from this site but it still seems to think theyre not there :S
  3. yeah i mean everythings working fine theres no trouble at the moment but if this update apparently reduces fps by a percentage ill try and get it. not too fussed at the moment though... and its only left 4 dead that displays the message. which doesnt take too much to run anyway :)
  4. Read the "Release Notes" at the Driver Download Page?

    Use a driver cleaner after you remove the old ATI Driver(s) from Control Panel and before you install the Newest version that you previously saved to desktop.
  5. ok sounds good. you dont happen to know where i can get a descent driver cleaner?..
  6. Lets back up.
    The thread title is "HIS ATI Radeon 4870 x2 cant update drivers",
    Then OP said,"yeah ive downloaded the drivers from this site but it still seems to think theyre not there :S.

    What is "it"?
    They aren't where?

    I would remove and wipe the ATI Driver. No harm.

    Install the lates driver from ATI.
  7. OP, Did you find what driver you have installed?

    GPUZ will help,
  8. I had b**** of a time getting the driver included in the 9.4 pack to install. I spent like 3 hours trying anything and everything to get it to work. What eventually worked for me (and for my buddies that had the same problem) was in Device Manager, right click the graphics card, and tell it to update the driver. Then tell it to browse, then pick from a list. Find and choose "Standard VGA Graphics" and click ok, apply, etc. The screen should flash and whatnot. Then, go back to device manager, select the graphics card again and tell it to update again. Again tell it to browse, but this time tell it to look in the C:/ATI folder that the driver installer creates. It should find the driver no problem and install it. Reboot and enjoy.

    I hope that's clear!!
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  10. I have the same card and am getting the same error only with L4D. At first I thought the driver update didn't take. But as you can see with GPU Z.

    Everything is fine. Says 9.4 right after So you are updated. L4D is just wrong.

    P.S. I really wish the driver date and version in the device manager matched the date and number on driver update pages.
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