Phenom 940 or phenom 955

I'm making a budget build essentially from scratch.
I decided that the phenom 920 was a good enough processor for my needs, so I went on newegg, and looked for a motherboard/cpu combo, but there was none.

Then I looked at 940, which had some decent deals.and decided on this one :

Then I was just looking around, and saw that the 955 had similar deals for approximately the same price:

I plan on running a 4870 and ddr2 1066 ram.
I need two pci-e slots for video cards (For future upgrades)

What should I do????
Are there any drawbacks to buying the 955 combo?
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  1. I say go with the 955. If you ever need to get a newer AM3 board, you will be able to still use your 955 till you get a newer CPU. The 940 is AM2+ only. You probably won't be using 955 by the time you finally move to AM3, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared :D.
  2. Well, the 940 does come with an am2/am2+/am3 board, so wouldn't be too much of a hassle with either.
  3. Ewiz has the 955 for $194.99 with free shipping.
  4. I am only even considering the 955 because it is only 250$ w/ mobo.

    There is a 75$ off combo deal at newegg.
  5. Bump?
  6. If its the same price I would go with the X4 955. That sounds like a nice deal.
  7. There is also this deal on the Phenom II 940.
    It's $195 for both the CPU and a 790GX Motherboard with a $80 Combo discount AND also a $20 mail in rebate.Perhaps the best bang for the buck.

    Myself I went for this deal on the Phenom II 955 with a ASUS M4A79T Deluxe Motherboard $85 off on the combo.So I chose the more expensive 790FX motherboard

    I was about to build a Core i7 920 system but I could not justify it especially with these killer deals.
  8. The 940 deal you listed, only has one pci-e slot.

    I think I'm just going to go with the 955.

    Thanks for the tips everyone.
  9. jj463rd has the best deal [...] mbo.212581

    The other two are AM2+ systems.

    If you already own the 1066 ram, then go with the AM2+ systems. If you are buting ram, get the AM3 FX, and faster DDR3 - like 1333 or 1600 DDR3 ram.

    It really hinges on whether you own ram or are buyng ram.
  10. Yeah really if you plan to run 2 graphics cards I would go with the 790FX chipset so you can run them in full X16 by X16 mode.Otherwise just use a 790GX motherboard if you're planning on using just one card (It will run one graphics card in 16 X mode).With using 2 graphics cards on a 790GX motherboard they will run in the slower X8 by X8 mode so that would be a waste.
    So you will desire the same combo that I got if you want to Crossfire 2 ATI cards and have them both run at the full 16X setting.
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