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I recently bought a new computer to use for photoshop editing. I run a lot of actions. Photoshop all of a sudden became really slow. It WAS running fine. After going back and forth w/ PS technical support, I finally spoke w/ someone who told me that I needed a video card (apparently I didn't have one). so I get a GeForce 8400 GS (Nvidia) and it's still running a bit slow - although faster than before. Keep in mind it was running FINE at first. Photoshop tech support tells me NOW that i got the wrong video card, but now says that my computer configuration? is "troublesome". Here's what I have: HP Pavilion a6742p, Pentium Dual-Core CPU E5300 @2.6GHz, 6 GB Ram, 64-bit Operating System. Anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. Check ou running processes first, it is possible your system has been infected with a worm or virus or you have a number of programs running in the background that are taking up a lot of processor time.
  2. coozie7 said:
    Check ou running processes first, it is possible your system has been infected with a worm or virus or you have a number of programs running in the background that are taking up a lot of processor time.

    Thanks coozie - How do I check that?
  3. Not sure under Vista (I'm on XP) but I think it is te same: Control+alt+delete pressed togethr to get into Task Manager.
  4. angboring said:
    Thanks coozie - How do I check that?

    Ctrl+Shift+Esc would be a shorter way there.
  5. +1. I actually never knew that shortcut existed thanks ;)
  6. First of all, if it WAS running fine then it's a software issue. Not hardware.

    Your computer should run Photoshop nicely. I believe only CS4 has multi-core support for your CPU.

    To verify how much of your CPU is being used, open up the Task Manager (CTRL-ALT-DEL) and monitor your CPU usage. You should see either 2 or 4 CPU graphs depending on which dual-core architecture you have.

    Minimize the TM, then run some intensive processing then bring up the task manager.

    The video card is fine. I think they do have graphics card acceleration but it's not required.

    Unless your RAM settings or other settings are screwed up, or Antivirus was kicking in etcetera I'd be surprised you have a problem.

    You can also try reinstalling and put on the new Windows 7 RC which is available May 5th and good for 13 months.
  7. I think at least part of the reason why they suggested getting a new card is that Photoshop uses CUDA, so the gpu can do some serious help.

    However that still doesn't explain why it was working fine and then stopped working. Do you have indexing on? Anti-virus running in the background? Have you tried reinstalling photoshop? Gotten any errors besides the program just running slow?
  8. Also check the IDE channels on IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers in device manager. If there is any drive on "PIO mode" then it means that's your problem. Sometimes the transfer mode reverts to PIO mode and causes everything to become very slow with alot of processor usage.
    A reinstall of the IDE channel should fix the problem.
  9. I called Tech support and got someone seemingly very knowledgeable. He walked me through some troubleshooting steps. There seems to have been a problem w/ my "Settings"? and after we renamed the folder, PS began running considerably faster. I can't tell if it's at the speed that it was before the problems occurred, but I do know that it's not running EXCRUCIATINGLY (is that a word?) slow. Thanks guys. If it starts acting up again I'll definately take your suggestions.
  10. Photoshop CS3 and lower do not need a dedicated graphics card and will not run faster even if you had one. Photoshop CS4 has the option of using a graphics card. However, I felt that CS4 with my GeForce 8800GT was slower than CS3. Another classmate with the same card had an even slower and buggier experience using CS4. With GPU support turned off, CS4 seems to run as good as CS3, although it took up a ton more RAM.
  11. I'm still not completely sure what the problem was. It started running slow again and I re-downloaded the Windows cleanup utility and that helped a lot.
  12. Hey, I have a Dell Studio XPS 435T with an i7 Intel Processor and 12GB of DDR3 RAM with a high-end Graphics Card, the works.

    I bought it to run Adobe Master Collections CS4 which it did effortlessly from April 2009 till now March 2010. Now nothing is open except for Photoshop Ext 64-bit CS4 and it's like running it on a very old machine. The lag and delay is painful and frustrating. Simple things like color pick take forever and even bring up the busy iris glass icon. Eventually I have to shut down Photoshop all together and restart it because it just stops working.

    I found your post very interesting and was wondering if you ever found out why or found a solutions?

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