My delta case fan 120mm not detected in bios/speedfan..

i got a delta 120mm 120 CFM cse fan .. non led ... it has a 3pin motherboard header connecter ... when i connect it to the front/rear fan header on the mobo just doesnt get detected!!

neither is it detected by speedfan!!

what to do?

when i switch on the pc .. for 2 seconds the fan starts ..n then remains idle .... doesnt run even on prime95 torture test ....
even bios doesnt detect it!
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  1. bump!!
  2. bump!
  3. come !! somebody help !! sholud i start looking for a 3 pin to molex convertor now!! ? :-X
  4. Sounds like a dodgy fan imo,
    try swapping it at the retailers and see if the replacement one behaves as it should
  5. cant!! got it as a ift fom my cousin!! :p ... will try it in my friends cabby!!

    but do such 3 pin to molex converstors exist??
  6. Hmmm fan looks fine. More like an 80mm though but ok.

    Probably it is plugged in but the RPM monitoring on the fan itself is broken.

    Yes those adapters exist, but you can also just cut the wires and do it yourself. It's what I do, those adapters are sometimes pretty hard to come by
  7. oh and just a notice;

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  8. dhruvwali said:
    cant!! got it as a ift fom my cousin!! :p ... will try it in my friends cabby!!

    but do such 3 pin to molex converstors exist??

    They exist, and most local computer shops should have them. We retail them at $5 and probably sell 15 a week or so. They're very common.
  9. Hey dhruvwali... Happy 2011...

    Can you tell me what setting have you kept in bios for the fans??? in certain boards there are options to switch off the fan monitoring and temperature readings...

    EDIT - My other suggestion... try connecting it to a DC source directly... you may have to cut the wires and connect it but its safe as long as you have removed the AC power... if the fan spins then something is wrong with the mobo...
  10. HMM .. found out that my coolermaster 90 cfm led fan is also not being detected in bios...also it doesnt run at all with motherboard headers .. but with molex both the coolermaster + delta fan run perfectly albeit noisy .. (hence i wanted to run it via motherboard)

    but my 2 other coolermaster fans which i got with my cm elite 430 are running fine via bios .... they both have only 2 wires in the 3 pin connectors ... is that the difference??
  11. OK... this confirms that some fan control software (either in bios or in your mobos software) is controlling the fan speeds...
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