Caviar Black 500 vs 640

Hello, I am currently looking for a harddrive to install windows 7. I currently have XP and want to have both to choose from, so the new drive will contain the OS and any programs I wish to install. Both have sufficient size, my main concern is first reliability and second speed. Which one is better for me to go with? Or should I look at a different company/model all together? Thanks for all your help

In case it helps, here's my current setup
Q6600 processor
Radeon 5850 1GB
This is a computer used for everyday use but primarily gaming.
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  1. This Samsung is the best 500 GB hard drive in my opinion. My roommate has one as his primary drive and it is super quick.]
  2. Ok thanks, has the samsung been shown to be fairly reliable.
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  4. thanks for your help guys.
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