Eyefinity confusion

Hi, please could I have some advice on what to do to get Eyefinity with 3 identical monitors all in landscape mode.

My setup:

1 Radeon HD 5700 (2x DVI 1x HDMI 1 x Display Port)
1 Radeon HD 4300 (1 x DVI 1 x VGA)

I have heard that Eyefinity only works if all the monitors are connected to one card. Is this true? Then I would have to connect 3 screens to the 5700 and buy all those display port adapters etc -> annoying, and wasting the power of the 4300 card.

Ideally I would like to connect one monitor to the 4300, and the other two to the 5700. Can it work this way? I want to be able to look to the left and right in games.

If, to play games and look to the left and right with 3 screens in landscape, I have to run all the screens from the 5700 then it's not exactly going to be perfect, i reckon it will struggle a little with games on high settings. What are my upgrade options? I have 3 PCIE, could I get another two 5700, ditch the 4300 and run 3x crossfire? Would 3x Crossfire 5700 work with eyefinity and one screen to each 5700 DVI?

What if instead of 2 more 5700's I bought one 5700 and a superior card? Would these 3 work with eyefinity? I guess I would put the better card, say E.g a HD 6850 for the middle monitor and the 5700s powering the outer screens. Ideally I just want to use my existing cards lol.

Thanks for reading
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  1. ok plan and simple. for eyefinity to work all 3 monitors must be hooked up to a single card.

    my advice....sell the 5700 and go out and pick up a 6850 or something at least as powerful, for eyefinity your going to need the extra juice.
  2. So all this talk about crossfire, SLI and to use eyefinity you have to use a single card. Seems strange. Thanks for the pointer though. Do I only need a passive display port adapter since the monitors are only 1920 * 1200?
  3. Out of interest does anyone know how well my computer will handle playing GTA IV with this setup?

    Eyefinity 3 x 1920 * 1200 landscape. Ati 5700 running all of this, with Intel I7 920 @ 2.7 GHz overclocked.

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