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I just have a quick question. Is it possible that the Toshiba SMART (the thing that predicts hard drive failures) wouldn't work if the drive is severely damaged? THEN work after I use stuff like HDD Regenerator to repair 755+ bad sectors?
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  1. It should work no matter what, but if yo have that many bad sectors its time for a new drive. So far smart has always warned me of any impending doom, and long in advanced as well.
  2. It warned me after I repaired the hard drive which is why I'm concerned.
    I'm currently running file recovery to find the images I was requested to find. :)
  3. Real bad luck, or maybe bad sectors developed so fast between self smart test?

    Never even seen that many bad sectors on all drives in my life combined.
  4. As far as my understanding of SMART goes, I believe that it doesn't actually notice bad sectors until the drive tries to access them. Therefore, when you did the recovery and forced it to look at sectors it hadn't checked on in a while, it found that it was worse off than it thought.
  5. *shrug*
    Thats what the tools off Hiren's Boot CD told me.
    Thanks for your input
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