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I've got few questions about SSD, since i have reformatted my pc a lot of times and my HDD i'm using kinda have some problems in it itself, so i was thinking to replace my current HDD i'm using with a new 1 but at this i got interrested to get an SSD instead of a new HDD. I don't really need a lot of space, for example 40GB would be enough, but i got few questions about it. Is it good for gaming, i don't have a lot of stuff on my PC anymore just a few games CS 1.6 and CSS and i'm wondering would it all be good with it? I've looked around and saw that SSD's are faster than normal HDD's and since i don't need a lot of space it would be be better for me to get an SSD instead of a new HDD. I would have everything just on the 1 SSD, like Windows and all other stuff like games and some programs. So can any1 give me advice about it and tell me which SSD's i should look at and which 1 should i buy.

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  1. It won't help you in gaming so get a regular fast HDD like the Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB.
  2. It will help you with anything that you click, it should all take less time. If you're a patient user you may not have much benefit from SSD, especially combined with Windows 7 which has many techniques to 'mask' the slow mechanical harddrive.

    If you want an SSD, perhaps you should wait one or two months for the new generation to arrive. That will also lower prices on existing models, making it an ideal time to scout for your first SSD.

    Older OS like Vista and XP do not support SSDs well; ironically they need the performance increase the most. If you use Vista/XP and want an SSD, your best choice is a heavily overprovisioned SSD, such as 50GB or 100GB OCZ Agility 2/Vertex 2; and specifically NOT the 60/64GB or 120/128GB models. The 50/100GB models have more 'internal space' which helps them maintain their speed and prolong their lifespan.
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