Multiple Windows XP causeing high CPU usage?

i have 2 version of windows xp on my computer one loads up fine an minamal cpu usage the other one loads fine but is a constant cpu usage of 100%. can anyone figure out why?
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  1. Which is the older build? If the high usage one is the older build, I would assume its due to virus/spyware on the computer. Get it clean, see if that helps. Programs you can use are AVG, Avast, Adware, spybot, hijackthis, etc.
  2. Malwarebytes Anti-malware is also an excellent free removal tool. If all these don't cure the problem use process explorer (google it) to find out which program/process is loading the cpu.
  3. FOR what it is worth,,,,IF you have 2g or more of ram get rid of the swapfile for both installs,might be that the second install does not know what the hell to make of the first install's swapfile,in any event you do not really need one with 2g or more of ram...:)
  4. Open up the task manager and go to the processes tab, select "Show Processes From All Users"

    Tell us which processes have the highest CPU usage.
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