My New win7 64 bit system with 8gb RAM i7 processor has had some issues blue screening randomly and sometimes rebotting on start up.

This time it started chkdsk and then went on to "Correcting errors in the volume bitmap" - It has been chugging through that for almost 24 hours.... Wondering whether it's ever going to end.... There does seem to be some hard drive activity going on...

Any suggestions?

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  1. By the way... It's a 1.5Tb Hard drive?...... How long is the process likely to take?
  2. When it blue screens, what are the details of the error messages, if any?

    Do the error messages point to faulty RAM or a faulty hard disk drive?

    Is the CPU overclocked?
  3. Have run memory tests that didn't find any problems.

    CPU is not overclocked.

    This is the first time chkdsk has run on this machine....

    What are the likely consequences if I have to interrupt this process (ie. Correcting errors in volume bitmap)?
  4. According to Microsoft:

    Interrupting chkdsk is not recommended. However, canceling or interrupting chkdsk should not leave the volume any more corrupt than it was before chkdsk was run. Rerunning chkdsk checks and repairs any remaining corruption on the volume.
  5. 41+ hours and still going -is it possible that it's caught in an infinite loop?
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