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I've checked various online power supply calculators but I just wanted a second opinion, I have a core i7 920 on an EVGA X58 motherboard with 6 gigs of ddr3, 3 SATA HDD's and a SATA DVD/RW and a GTX 260 core 216 running on a Thermaltake toughpower 750W psu. My question is will I be able to add another GTX 260 or am I gonna run out of power? All the PSU calculators I run say I'll only be pulling about 600 watts at full load
but I wanted to see if anyone has an opinion or maybe has a similar setup and can offer advice.... much appreciated
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  1. Your good to go with this 750.

    EX 1 : My rig use 150W idle, 225W load and 300-400W gaming.
    Its a WCed OCed computer with 10 fans total, 2 HDD and 1dvd.

    EX 2 : A 3SLI GTX285 I7 computer will pump 800W

    Have fun !
  2. Thanks man I got it up and running
  3. Seems you're safe with the 750 a PSU.

    Don't forget about the rails and the required 40 amps at full load with the GTX 260 sli.
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