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hi, i am going to make a roughyl 700-800 pound gaming computer and i got a really good one by building it on newegg but then found out and was gutted it doesnt ship over waters(to england) and i really want to know if anyone know's a USA website because cheaper that ships to england or a english one. for components or just really affordable gaming build.( and i mean like be able to play far cry 2, crysis max with like30-40 fps).
thanks for your time. :D
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  1. has an HP pavillion elite 9150e that includes a core i7 920, 6 gigs of ddr3, 4850 video card, vista premium, etc. for only $750. I would check and see if they ship to the uk.
  2. Have you tried any UK websites, like or or Or just google the part number and make sure to put uk at the end of the search.

    You can get an i7 620, 6GB RAM, GTX260 graphics card, P6T SE m/b, a cheap case, Corsair PSU, and a couple of WD 640GB drives for about 800 quid without trying too hard. Not including monitor/keyboard/mouse.

    Don't forget the *credit card exchange rate* on dollars may make it not such a good deal buying from the US.

  3. ok, thanks will now try both, this helps so much. :D
  4. god damn it, i wish i lived in US to get this pc, US websites have amazing prices but they dont ship to uk, i tried slickdeals didnt ship to uk, so if you can try and find out or ask some people because otherwise gona have to compromise on some components from a uk website. :/
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