I5-750 3.8ghz Temperature question.

Hello dear community, first timer here.

I bought a cnps10x extreme yesterday, installed it on my CPU.
What I have :

Edit : hid cpu-z like an idiot..

BCLK : 191 MHz
QPI link : 3438.3 MHz
So the picture is worth a thousand words, i5-750 at 3.8, voltages on the left..

Running prime and linx get my cpu at 77C (under full load).

The problem is, when it's idle (like right now) it seems a bit high, 42, 36, 38 37.

Is my computer healthy ?

Any info is good info, thanks for reading !

Edit 2: Figured I'd stress it more and more (Heard it makes the thermal grease work better ?)
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  1. I personally don't trust my CPU going over 50c at any point.
  2. Ehh I think 50 isnt bad at all
  3. The thermal design for that chip is 72.7*C. Anything over that starts to degrade the life expectancy (MTBF). Higher and longer you go the quicker it will reach that point. You will probably only reach those temps during stress testing but if you want to be sure then just run the real temp during your most cpu intensive tasks for longer than you normally would and then just check them when your're done. If you want more performance out of the cooler you can get a higher cfm fan to go with it. It looks like your cooler has a variable speed fan on it. You might want to make sure it's running at full speed - turning off thermal control in bios or turn your fan controller to full if you have one. And of course make sure you have good air flow through the case. Pull off the side of your case and see if it runs cooler just by doing that.
  4. You're telling me to get a higher cfm fan to go with it, you mean replace the fan on the Heatsink ?
  5. At 3.8GHz you are running almost 1.2GHz over the standard clocks, a higher temperature is to be expected even with a better cooler. I wouldn't worry too much if you only reach those temps with stress testing.
  6. I just built my pc and overclocked it. I have a i5 760 and oc it from 2.8 to 3.6 and mines hitting around 70c when playing wow on max and downloading so i think your your temps are fine.
  7. I use the OC Profiles feature in Asus Enthusiast Mobos to set up separate OC profiles. A good 24/7 OC will have temps in the mid 50s (i.e. 920 @ 3.8 GHz) with a gaming profile which hits 72 at 4.0 - 4.2 GHz.
  8. this is my first time doen this :D but some people seem to think that the cpu is made out of porcelain when it is the longest lasting part of the computer
    most of the time its a power supply at around 5years that can and will kill everything or a bord at 5-10 years that will flop lol
    its 25 years for the cpu and stock temps are all ways about 80, intel knows best so go crazy u still have 20deg to go :pt1cable:
    check out this site http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=516239
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