ATI 4770 on a 400W PS?

I have a Rosewill case w/ 400W PS. Running a AMD kuma 95w cpu, 1 sata hard drive, 1 IDE dvd drive, foxconn MB, 4 gigs of ram, vista. Will I be able toadd the 4770 to my pci-e slot and run it stable?
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  1. Depends on what the specs of your power supply are. You need to know the Amps or Watts on the +12v Rail/s

  2. Output: 400W Max.
    +3.3V 20A, +5V 14A, +12V1 14A, +12V2 13A, -12V 0.3A, +5VSB 2.5A
  3. Power Supply Features
    a)Proprietary IC & unique design
    b)Embedded thermal sensor
    c)Low-noise variable fan
    d)Various safety protection:OCP(over-current),OVP(over-voltage),SCP(short-circuit),UVP(under-voltage),OPP(over-power)
    e)Output Connectors:
    -20+4-pin MB connector
    -Peripheral power connector x 4
    -Floppy power connector x 1
    -Serial ATA connector x 1
    -P4 connector x 1
    f)Cooling:80mm low-noise fan
    g)MTBF:50,000 Hours
    h)Votage Output:
    +5V & +3.3V combined 130W MAX
    +5V & +3V & +12V combine 385W MAX
    h)Aproval:UL, CSA, FCC
    i)Dimension:5.5" (D)x 6.0"(W) x 3.3"(H)
  4. In theory it should be fine,but Rosewill anything is rolling the dice.
  5. Thanks guys I might give it a go..
  6. Let me know if you get any results. I will be doing a similar process with a 4770 with a 350 w PSU with a quad processor and 4 gb ram. So if you test it out I would love to know what happened. If you dont I will let you know what I find out when I install it within the next month.
  7. I have a new dell studio 540 (350 w PSU) with a 4770.
    Catalyst 09.5 - 8.612..
    3070 Mb
    Windows Vista ver. 6.0
    Score 4153 o3 Marks
    Resolution: 1680x1050(FS) - MSAA: 0X
    FPS: min=61 max=97 avg=69
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