Kingwin Mach 1000W Modular PSU?

Can anyone attest to this power supply as something reliable?

I will be either using this or the PC Power and Cooling 910W Silencer for practically the same price.

I like the modular options on this PSU and it been said it is relatively quiet. From what i understand the PC P&C is a bit quieter, and perhaps a bit cooler. I will not be SLIing, perhaps in the distance future, and my setup does not require much more than 700W approx, but it doesn’t hurt to have extra.

Was just curious if anyone has used, seen, or heard anything about this Kingwin product that i am unfamiliar with and could suggest even recommend it. If not perhaps someone could for the PC Power and Cooling unit.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. The PC P&C is loud, from what I hear. Actually, for a good modular in that price range, I'd go for the Corsair HX-850W. It's a great unit, efficient, and will happily power just about any system you could possibly want.
  2. A few google-strokes later . . . top-flight review of the Kingwin:

    Not the best, but price may make you forget its drawbacks.

    Compare to the Corsair 1000:

    and then buy the Corsair 850W reviewed here:

    unless you are certain you need a 1k
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