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Hello i have an i7 950 overclocked to 4.0 using 20 multiplier with base clock 200. I have a venemous x black with diamond thermal paste and two r4 cooler master "90cfm" fans. I primed my system for 6 hours temps never went above 73 c on any core in a 76 degree f room. I am wondering if this is a safe overclock or should i replace my cooler with a more powerful cooler such as a d 14 or silver arrow? any input is appreciated
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  1. Good system!

    You are the upper threshold of temps during the stress test. Monitor the temps for about a month using RealTemp in typical computer use, including some gaming. If the temps do not exceed 60 degrees C using RealTemp, you are fine.
  2. Nope at these temps you are good to go... wondering if Diamond TIM needs curing period...

    BTW what case are you using???
  3. The curing time for the diamond paste is 2 hours.

    The Venemous X RT is THE top cooler for the 950. The others you listed don't perform as well.

    You might try some of the following combos

    167 BCLK x 24 CPU multiplier
    185 BCLK x 22 CPU multiplier
    191 BCLK x 21 CPU multiplier

    Have you tired dropping the CPU voltage as described below ?

    To evaluate whether your case ventilation is limiting the cooler's ability, remove the side panel and use one of these or something like it
  4. grate little overclock, and when u r stress testing don't be scared to let it go a little higher.

    just a note though if the day gets up and your room gets hot? my house can saw to about 35 deg c :ouch:

    and if u add in a decent gpu it can go up another 10 deg c in side your case and pump it in to the room.

    hmmm r u goen to be happy with 4 Ghz? and 2 good air cooled heat sinks r worth abit have u thought about water hehehe :whistle:
  5. I am using the Haf X case with pretty decent cable management. I changed my voltage down to 1.25 still stable as can be dropped my temps a little too. Also i let my diamond paste cure for a day before i started it up ( one of the longest days ever ). i also re did my base clock too 174x 23 seems to run better. if my computer survives 6 hours of the three different tests offered in prime 95 should i be worried if it doesnt pass linx?
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    i've got the i7 920 OC'd to the same settings as ur i7 950 and i've got 66 degrees on realtemp running prime95 for a few hours
    i'm using the prolimatech megahalems which has similar performance with the venemous so I guess i'm thinking your temps are a little high
    what TIM are you using? do a couple of reseats
  7. i dont think your cpu temps will be worrying when stress testing... venomous X and Haf X will be able to minimize the thermal output of the OC'd 950... as the previous post says dont think about another cooler unless you want to go liquid... just ensure your core temps dont reach more than 90 during stress tests... sub 80 is good... sub 70 is best...
  8. So if i can pass 6 hours or blend small and large on prime 95 is there any worry if i fail linx on the second pass? i fail linx on any overclock big or small the only time i passed linx was at bonestock and that was one time others it failed at stock.
  9. LinX tests not just CPU but also your memory and mobo... prime95 works primarily on the CPU cores so if that passes and LinX fails, then it could be problem with your memory setting... this has happened to me hundreds of times due to wrong OC settings or improper compatibility of memory, cpu and board... to check for physical memory errors you can use the memory testing tool available in bios...
  10. abully has a point, on some bords the bios can change the timings as u turn up the bclock so u can set them your self that can help.
    and your uncore can be to hi and mess things up so u need to take it off auto and set that ratio too
  11. I actually figured out that i have a bad ram dim that is why i was failing linx. Ran them all individually on mymtest and they all passed with no errors except one which wouldnt pass 7% of the test then freeze.
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