Lenovo s10 disk read error

I recently purchased a S10-2 netbook in Mexico. Unfortunetely it`s in Spanish and I need English.(I`m writing a computer book and I need screen captures in English.) I don`t have a phone to call tech support or an external CD drive. I`ve sucessfully setup a dual boot with Ubuntu via USB flash drive. First I tried installing from a XP disk image (XP Pro and XP Home) using Power Iso, but when it rebooted, I received a disk read error. Then I tried extracting the installation files to the D-drive, rebooting to a command prompt, and installing directly. After going thru the initial setup screens, it went thru the motions of copying the installation files to the system, but when it rebooted, once again I received a disk read error. I only get this error when trying to re-install XP. Ubuntu and XP Home work fine.
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  1. Sorrry, forgot to mention the brand name. It`s a Lenovo S10-2 netbook
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