GTX 285 - does the MSI heat up the case more?

Hi, does the GTX 285 from MSI generate more heat inside the case compared to the standard design?

I'm trying to select a GTX 285 to replace my current video setup, which is 2x 8800 GTS 512 SLI. (I know, dual GTX 260 would be more power and save me money, or an HD 4850 X2 ... but I like having an upgrade slot available.)

I'm planning to get a card from either BFG or MSI -- I know other brands are probably fine but I've had good results from these two and am staying with that.

Here's pictures of their GTX 285 cards; both are overclocked nearly the same amount so that doesn't influence this --


Now the BFG card looks like everyone else's. It has one fan with an airflow hood that routes the hot air through the vent in the second slot cover and outside the case. Or does it suck in cooler outside air? Whichever, that slot cover vent is clearly a source of cooler air.


The MSI on the other hand is a heat pipe design with two fans. It sure LOOKS like it cools better. But there's nothing directing the air in or out of the vent in the slot from what I can tell.

Does that mean the MSI dissipates more heat into the case?

I have a case with good airflow but if there's an option to circulate air with the outside, I think that makes more sense, especially since one day I'll add another of these for SLI. What does everyone else think?
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  1. By all means,,exhaust the hot air OUT of your case,,you probably have what they call a "mid tower case" or some such,which unlike "full towers" has no reserve of space/cool air in bottom of case,so if you can exhaust the gpu heat out that will make life easier for the cpu/psu...Your observation of the MSI is right on it like most Zallman stuff is just a "heat spreader"...:)
  2. The MSI board use a heat pipe with 2 fans. Hot air is not directed to the back. Hot air is retained inside the case. There is no containment to keep the hot air from spreading inside the pc-case.

    The BFG GTX 285 blows the hot air at back. Hot air blown out of the case. This is smilar to my BFG GTX 280 OC. Hot air goes out at the back.

    The BFG video card is enclosed. The hot air is contained and driven out at the back.

    What pc-case are you using? If you case like Antec 900(just an example) any of the card should work.

    Its your choice...
  3. Thanks for confirming what I thought. So the MSI is a "heat spreader" design -- good term to remember.

    My case is a Thermaltake Armor+ MX; a largish mid tower. Fans are a 230mm side intake, a 120mm front intake, and a 120mm rear exhaust. Good airflow, but still, more can't hurt. Here's specs and pictures:

    Plus for what this matters, my power supply has 2x 80mm side fans; it's an Apevia Iceberg Power 680W. (Yes, I expect if I add a second GTX 285 I'll need to get a bigger PSU.) I mostly got it for the changeable color LEDs and the fan speed knob that can drop down to 90% (silent). Specs here:

    I'll go with the BFG GTX 285, or if I choose a different brand, one with that same design (which appears to be standard).

    LOL, I notice on Newegg there's another MSI GTX 285, same 680 mhz clock speed, but with the standard fan design, for $10 more. Guess they weren't comfortable with the heat spreader being their only design.,14-127-403-S02,14-127-403-S03,14-127-403-S04,14-127-403-S05,14-127-403-S06&S7ImageFlag=1&Item=N82E16814127403&Depa=0&WaterMark=1&Description=MSI%20N285GTX-T2D1G-OC%20GeForce%20GTX%20285%201GB%20512-bit%20GDDR3%20PCI%20Express%202.0%20x16%20HDCP%20Ready%20SLI%20Supported%20Video%20Card%20-%20Retail

    Thanks everybody!
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