What Video card for Hybrid CrossfireX on a M4A785-M Radeon HD 4200

I hope this is the right forum for this question. I have googled and googled and can't seem to find any solid information on what card you need for CrossfireX. I have a IceQ 4870 currently installed in the system. I was guessing you could use the two together since they are 4xxx series cards. When I look in the device manager and such I don't see the onboard video at all. I'm not sure it even works since I hooked up my tv to the onboard video and nothing comes up or out at all.
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  1. Sorry the onboard 4200 currently is only compatible with 2400xt, 3450, and another 3000 series card. There is no expectation presently for the 4200 to work with any other existing 4000 series dedicated cards. The shader levels at the least are not compatible. Also when you plug in the 4870 I believe the bios should automatically disable the IGP 4200 due to the incompatibility.
  2. I believe your looking at the onboard 3xxx series information. That's all I can find. There isn't even anything about the 4200 or 785g on amd's website. I did see that it's a dx 10. I managed to get it working by making it the default video device when I boot up. Right now I have it going to my TV and my 4870 going to my LCD. If you have any sources I would appreciate it.
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    I emailed AMD and they state that Hybrid CrossfireX is not supported on the 4200. I have an Asus M4A785-M and I'm quite bummed since the motherboard documentation says it is supported.
  4. Funny thing is it says "Hybrid CrossfireX" on one of graphics on the back of the box. It's probably a misprint.
  5. I just bought a gigabyte that said the same thing, it looks like they got the wrong information from AMD

    GA-MA785GM-US2H (rev. 1.0) Help

    AMD 785G + SB710 Chipset
    Ultra Durable 3 Classic Technology with copper cooled quality for lower working temperature
    Revolution energy saving design with Easy Energy Saver technology
    Supports AMD AM3 Phenom II/ Phenom/ Athlon series processors
    Dual Channel DDR2 1200+ for remarkable system performance
    Integrated ATI Radeon HD4200 graphics (DirectX10.1)
    Ultimate graphics performance with PCI-E 2.0 x16 interface with ATI Hybrid CrossFireX support
    Blu-ray playback supported by high quality 106dB SNR ALC889A HD audio
    Integrated HDMI/ DVI interface for Full HD 1080 Blu-ray playback with HDCP
    Patented DualBIOS with dual hardware BIOS protection
  6. What Does An ATI Hybrid CrossFireX™ System Include?

    An ATI Hybrid CrossFireX™ system includes an ATI Radeon™ HD 2400 Series2, ATI Radeon™ HD 3400 Series or ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 3400 Series graphics processor and a motherboard based on an AMD 780 integrated chipset, all operating in a Windows Vista® environment.
  7. ATI Hybrid Graphics1

    Improve your system performance by enabling the ability for both discrete graphics and integrated graphics to render simultaneously

    Just found this on one of AMD's pages.
  8. went to the site you gave me and that is correct, both AMD website and the Gigabyte both say they are hybrid compatible on the 785 chip set with HD 4200 but on an earlier response some one mentioned that AMD said it was not supported. I just wanted clarification if they supported it. I am just building a media center PC so this Hybrid option looked pretty good. If I thought the on board graphics wasn't good enough I could always add a graphics card to help out. I read that on some systems it increased the performance of the card by up to 40%. But the catch is only certain cards are supported and I have not been able to find a list anywhere. I am trying to keep the cost down since I am just going to do some streaming.

    does anyone know if a graphics card support list?

    I also contacted Gigabyte for clarification and am now waiting for their response.
  9. Again, here's the response I received from AMD... FYI, the 4200HD gave me a 4.1/4.0 scores of the graphics section on the windows experience app.

    --- to me
    show details Sep 29 (13 days ago)

    Dear Customer,
    Your service request : SR #{ticketno:[8200242264]} has been reviewed and updated.
    Response and Service Request History:
    Hybrid CrossFireX support is limited to select low end HD2K and HD3K series cards and some integrated 3200 chipset motherboards.
    4200 chipset motherboards and HD4K series cards are not yet supported in Hybrid CrossFireX setups.
    The link below is for the CrossFire Combination Options Chart and should be helpful in selecting CrossFire video card and chipset combinations.

    In order to update this service request, please respond, leaving the service request reference intact.
    Best regards,
    AMD Global Customer Care
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