3Dmark06 troubles and woes!!

Hi I am having a lot of difficulty with 3dmark06 and getting any kind of respectable marks! It is extremely frustrating and I need some help and advice on how to correct these issues. I am receiving a 11654 overall score, SM 2.0 score of 5682, SM 3.0 of 6203, and a processor score of a measly 2099!!

System specs:
Corei7 965 extreme (overclocked to 3.8)
Asus Rampage II extreme
6gb RAM Corsair Dominator GT
EVGA 8800 Ultra (yeah i know, i'm upgrading soon enough!)

The graphics scores are understandably low, but why the processor scores? Any help would be much appreciated!
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  1. I am not really sure what the problem is. Maybe the CPU is overheating and is reducing its frequency in order to compensate.

    Your GPU scores are OK I think.
    My system (8800GT 512MB, Core2Duo E4500 at 2.7GHz) gets a score somewhere over 10000. (I can't remember exactly, because it's a long time since I ran it.) CPU score was about 2500 points, if I remember corectly, so yours should be higher.
  2. I went back to factory setting and re-ran 3dmark06 but to no avail. It seems even at 3.2ghz I'm still only registering 11342!! It's pretty frustrating. I think I may have picked up a CPU dud, because even on SiSandra I'm scoring exceedingly lower scores than that of the Qx series.
  3. Something is definitely wrong with that. Is task manager registering 8 cores? Is CPU-Z showing the proper clock speed under load (3.33GHz)?
  4. Hey you have an interesting point. I looked at Task Manager and it is only showing 2 graphs. Then i noticed in CPU-Z under the CPU tab, cores = 1. Anyone know what this is all about?
  5. I would guess in bios it is set to 1 active core with HT active. I don't know what it looks like in your bios but this is what it looks like in mine.

  6. Yes - it sounds like you have a single core with HT active. Check your BIOS and make sure that your active cores setting is set to all.
  7. When i went into the BIOS i saw that all cores were already active. But what i did find, for those who are curious, was to fix the problem i ran MSCONFIG and selected the BOOT tab and clicked on the ADVANCED OPTIONS button. Then, I made sure the number of processors button was not checked. Now i am off to retry 3dmark and i will get back as soon as the test are complete. Thanks so far everyone!
  8. 14873 is much more respectable considering there is no overclock and a crappy outdated graphics card! Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions!!
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