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I am using a Gigabyte x58a-ud3r motherboard and a i7-950 CPU as well as corsair XMS3 tripple channel DDR3 1333 Ram.
I want to upgrade my CPU cooler but I dont know which would be better, The Thermalright Arcon or the Silver Arrow?

The xbitlabs review said the the arcon is just as good as the silver arrow and is smaller but is it worth is?
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  1. BTW I am also using a coolermaster HAF 922 case which could be a problem as coolermaster says that it can only accommodate a cooler op to 160 mm tall which would be OK for the silver arrow but not the arcon
  2. I don't understand why you're asking. You said the xbitlabs review said they were equal in performance, and your case manufacturer said you can only run one of them because the other is to tall.

    Whats the point of asking this question? Do you want me to hold your hand while you buy it? (I'll gladly enter your CC numbers for you;) I don't mean to be an @$$ but I totally missed the point of this thread. (oh, and you bumped it after only 18min on the morning of new years day?)
  3. Obviously, there must be a price difference....
  4. Buy the one that fits in the HAF 922
  5. Your HAF X is good enough to fit most top coolers... you need to worry about the mobo and the memory (how many and what model)...

    NH D14 clears the mobo and clears the original XMS3 memory sticks but not its dominator and DHX series...

    Silver arrow and archon also clears your mobo and if the previous ones clear your memory so will these...

    The archon will fit in the case without the side fan...
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