Best Graphics card this powersupply can run?

My friends current system:

Intel Q6700
6gb 800mhz ram
640gb harddrive
300w generic psu

whats the best graphics card my friend can upgrade? He doesn't want to upgrade his psu. but he wants to play tf2 at 1920x1080, and he does. at 20 fps.
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  1. HD4670
  2. if he wants a real game card, for 1920x1080, he needs a real psu not a generic 300w
  3. Yeah, but he is pretty stubborn, and He Doesn't work, he lost 50$ and he's doesn't have alot of money.. I can't believe he bought his Comp from Bestbuy..
    so 4670 it is :)
  4. 9600GT will work (i use in Hp q6600 based system with 300 watt). Good card.

    hd3850 will work (no overclock cards). HD4670 is also excellent choice.

    Your friend should wait for HD4770 to re-appear. This card is best choice. Because it uses smaller fab process it draws much less power than HD4850 with close to performance.

    See last page of article on "best video card for money" on Tom's for relative performance of all video cards.
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