Cooler for 1155 build in Raidmax Smilodon case

While investigating coolers for my upcoming CPU/Ram/Mobo upgrade, I've seen some of the reviews for the higher rated coolers where the only con seems to be the overall size of the heatsing/fan combo. Especially where the heatsink overlaps the first slot for the Ram which becomes a problem if the stick has cooling fins like ripjaws do. Some examples are the Hper212+ and Scythe Mugen.
Anyone have any experience with these?
Also...anyone who already has an 1155 it layed out exactly like an 1156 as far as where the heatsink might overlap the first ram slot? I want to have a better than stock cooler for some OC'ing but nothing too extreme.
Otherwise, I'm guessing I don't have to worry about space in my Raidmax Smilodon case. Current 775 cooler is huge and fits fine.
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  1. Yup they do... depends on the heatsink, mobo and memory model... before you buy see the compatibility charts of all products against the other products to see if they clear...
  2. is there any smaller ones which do the job? The Cooler master site says the V6GT is streamlined to not cover the first slot but if you look on NewEgg reviews...many complain that it's huge and overlaps their Ram.
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    I had a similar question for a planned 1155 SFF build. I contacted G.Skil support about their ripjaws heatsink size. They responded promptly with the info. They are compatible with 1155. They also said that their ram would work perfectly well if I needed to remove the heat sink which is held on only with double sided sticky thermal tape. I ordered the ram, and the heatsinks are anodized red, and beautiful!
    I don't think I will have to remove them because they are not as tall as the corsair vengeance line.

    Some of the 1155 motherboards have more room than others. Look carefully at the outline of the area reserved for the cooler. See how close it comes to the first ram slot. Some give you more room than others. Also, some motherboard makers want the first two sticks to be in the slots most distant from the cpu. No way to tell today until you can download the mobo manual.

    I have used the prolimatech megahalems rev. b before. It should fit anything, and is a great cooler which is easy to install. The cooler will not impact the ram if it is installed parallel to the ram. If necessary, the fan can slide up a bit if ram spreaders are a bit high.
  4. You could also look at Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme... it has very high clearance to the first fin on the heatsink ground-up...

    See this page for its installation on a 1366 board... see this pic for its ground clearance up close... it stays away from the ram slots in 1156 also...
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  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into it.
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