EZ-Dock 2535 Stopped Working

Hello, My EZ-Dock 2535 seems to have stopped working. I've tried several HDs that are formatted and contain data. I placed the data onto these disks using the EZ-Dock, but now it does not show the disks at all. If I shut down and connect the disks to an internal sata cable they appear just fine. I tried the docking station in another PC with the same result. I connected it to both Windows XP machines using the USB cable provided.
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  1. Can you see the USB dock with Microsoft's UVCView utility?
  2. No. Other devices show up in the port fine, but not the dock. I guess the dock is gone. Thanks.
  3. Same problem ... EzDock gone. UVCView.x86.exe does not show it either.
  4. If you are using the E-Sata connection ez-dock has issues, it cannot be identified by the external e-sata controller, and you have to boot several times, it then typically id's itself.

    Another problem is that many drives do NOT like to be mounted sideways and will have issues in loss of signal during and after the bootstrap.

    I am currently trying to find a method to activate the E_Sata after win 7 64 bit has been booted and ez-dock is attached.

    The 2535 model boosts PNP and Hot Swapable, they most definately do not apply to all E-sata connectors I am finding, nor is the mounting healthy for all Drives - in particular 7200 rpm drives.

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