Relacing case fan in Dell Studio Desktop


Would anyone know whether an off-the-shelf case fan of the same dimension can be fitted onto the Dell Studio desktop?

Heard that there might be issue with detecting the new fan correctly and working properly including the RPM sensor/ white wire, even heard that dell has proprietary plugs!

I'm about to take delivery of one with Q9400, HD4670 512MB, 500GB and 2 optical drives and are getting worried about heat dissipation. Where I live is pretty hot and from what I heard dell's cases/fan are not the best in that regard.

If it's possible, any recommendation on brand and model for something that's nice and relatively quiet?
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  1. You need to list the dell model number. For a case fan, read some reviews at You'll need to measure yours first. I doubt it takes a special plug. You can connect some case fans directly to any of the power supply 4 pin connectors.
  2. The best approach if you have the space on the rear of the case is to simply add a really low-flow (CFM) and low noise fan. Ideally a 120mm fan.

    That will provide extra air movement to dissipate heat. Just look for the lowest noise fan and either hook it up via a 4-pin molex or onboard but don't worry about fan speed control.
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