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Hey guys,

I have a pretty old laptop, an ASUS m5200a with an intel 915GMS chipset, bought last 2005-2006. I wanted to upgrade it with a modern SSD and was wondering if it was compatible. Kindly help me out, or direct me on how to check its compatibility.

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  1. According to the specs, your laptop came with 60 Gb HDD. There should be no problem finding a comparable or bigger ssd for it, but you need to make sure the interface is the same. modern HDD and SSD come with SATA, but older laptop HDDs were PATA interface. Not as easy to find an SSD with PATA, and for some reason they're more expensive than their SATA counterparts.
    First step would be to remove the HDD from the laptop and see what interface it has. PATA kinda looks like IDE, but with smaller connector.
    Once you find the right replacement, installing it should be no problem. After installation you should disable automatic defragmentation on it, it will slow down your SSD speeds.
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