E8400 vs. OC e2160


My brother is having fps issues in 20 man raids in WoW. He is currently running the following:

E2160 OC to 2.9GHz
HD 4750 512 MB
4 gigs of ram
the game is running off a sata II HD
Xp pro 32bit
500 watt powersupply

We have tried lowering his resolution during these raids and get the same fps. We are thinking it is a CPU limitation. He is looking at a Q8400.

How much of an improvement is a E8400 over an E2160 that is overclocked by over a gigahertz. I know that there is more L2 Cache and fsb on the E8400 and it comes stock faster than what his overclocked processor is, but is it worth the $150 for the upgrade.

Are we talking a significant difference?


Any thoughts on a Q6600 as opposed to the E8400
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  1. The quad core will help alot but it doesn't look like u would need it. The E8400 will make a big difference, it is also 45 nm so it really is overall better, get that.
  2. It could be that his add-ons are taxing his E2160, a quad would help in that instance.
  3. world of warcraft is not a multithreaded game. an E8400 overclocked will fix the issues he is having substantially. you do not need to fork over extra money for a quad if all you are going to be doing is playing games.
  4. ^ partly true, but the sound and addons will run on a 3rd or 4th core. Such as deadly boss mods, Omen, recount, auctioneer, etc.
  5. are those mods programed to run off the 3rd and 4th cores, or is it just the way the quad core architecture divies the load?
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