Q9550 CPU overheating

I’m getting serious overheating issues with my cpu the cores are running around 55 at idle and exceeds 100 under full stress using realtemp system test.

I’ve ensured that the fan and heatsink are properly seated and connected. I have reapplied thermal paste and the temps have remained about the same except the core that was overheating the most is now overheating the least.

I have opened the case and ran the test again to ensure heat is not building up in the case and it overheats as before.

Hardware I’m using is:-

Gigabyste GA-EG41MF-S2H
BFG 800 watt PSU
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  1. kinda feel stupid fora skip this questions... but to make sure...
    1. is it it overclocked
    2. have you tried something else to measure your temp
    3. is it Celsius not Fahrenheit
  2. I understand the need to ask these questions so no probs.

    Its not overclocked and I did use another application and got the same readings. Its def celsius.

    Just in case this may help resovle this, the first problem I was getting was with my GPU (XFX GTX260) where it was overheating so I downloaded some software to increase the fan speed which seems to have worked as long as I have my case open. I have just bought some fans from scan which im expecting in the next day or so.

    I then got COD4 and again my PC would shut itself down so I downloaded realtemp and set it to warn me when the cpu hit 95 and after about 5mins it would warn me.

    I reapplied the thermal paste last night and its the first time I have done anything like that. I applied a very small amount and spread it over the heatsink then reattached it then got sligjhly different core temps. Im going to try reapplying it tonight using slightly more thermal paste as one of my frinds thinks I may not have put enough on.

    Its very annoying considering the amount of money Ive spent.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Ive just reapplied the thermal paste and Im still getting overheating problems. Im using Asaka 455, is this ok to use?

    No idea how to find out what the room temp is. Its quite warm at the moment, well for scotland anyway. These problems only became noticable when the summer weather started. But if Im running these tests with my case open and on its side as heat rises.

    Im using a cheap case a Asus Vento 20quid case but again testing with the case open I should not be getting such temps.

    Any other ideas?

    While I wait for a reply I will try and find out how to downclock and lower the voltage!
  4. daytrip said:

    While I wait for a reply I will try and find out how to downclock and lower the voltage!

    Reducing the CPU multiplier is probably the simplest way to underclock.

    Let me guess. You are using the stock heatsink, yes?

    My obvious question (even if it's not the stock HSF) is, how do you know if it is properly installed? That is, after all, the usual cause of high CPU temps.

    Intel's assembly instructions say to install the motherboard in the case, then install the CPU and heatsink. It is much easier to check for proper installation if you install the HSF before you put the motherboard in the case.
  5. The reason Im sure is become I did as you said, removed the motherboard and fitted the heatsink and checked and double checked that its making contact with the CPU. Couldnt fit it without taking out the motherboard due to those damn pins!
    Could I have put the thermal paste on wrong? I put about a rise grain size blob in the centre of the cpu then put the heatsink on? The thermal paste also seemed more watery than I expected. When I opened the PC to apply the thermal paste for the second time it looked like someone had put a blob of paint.

    Do I reduce the CPUmultiplier in the BIOS? Should it be about 8. something? What should I change it to?
  6. What else can I do to get to figure out whats wrong. Should I buy a new heatsink? Im just converting an avi to mp4 using WinAvi and the core temps are 79 72 78 68??

    My motherboard has onboard graphics, I havent dissabled it? Can this be done? Would this help?

    Any other ideas to troubleshoot this?
  7. Assuming that you have a discrete video card, onboard graphics can and should be disabled in the BIOS. As to the Vento case, the two that I saw in the past had some problems getting adequate airflow. If that's happening with yours, the temps will run high. It might be necessary to add a vent with a fan on top of the case to get the hot air out, don't know for sure.

    I would suggest buying a a better heatsink than the stock one. I'd measure the clearance and then buy the best you can find, afford and fit into the case. Here's an example of a number of heatsinks and their performance in relation to the stock Intel model: http://www.anandtech.com/casecoolingpsus/showdoc.aspx?i=3202&p=4 I use a TRUE with two fans on my QX9650, but a Thermalright Ultima 90 would probably fit your case better. Just some ideas there.

    I haven't heard of Alaska 455 paste, but it could be good, just don't know. I use AS5 myself, though I'll be getting a ceramic paste when the AS5 runs out, probably Shin Etsu.
  8. I have reduced the CPU multiplier and now the temps have reduced by about 10deg when running COD4. The idle temps have remained exactly the same as before, is this expected?

    The onboard graphics are dissabled within the bios as you said they would be.

    Any other ideas or throubleshooting I can do as I wont be able to buy a newheat sink for about a month.

  9. I have now installed new heatsink (Zalman Flower) and now my cpu temps idle about 45, 45, 44, 36 and at full load it hits 70 max over all cores.
    I also installed a front fan to draw air into the chassis and added another at the real to remove air from chassis.

    The only problem left is that when playing COD4 my GPU overheats unless I speed the fan up manually to about 80% which keeps the temps around 75.
  10. You need to put WAAAAYYYY more thermal paste on than just a rice grain, especially on the Q9550. I put a thin even layer of Arctic Silver 5 over the whole processor and then the heatsink. My temps never get over 65C on full load overclocked to 3.3Ghz.
  11. Dude, look at the correct way to apply thermal paste. You are suppose to put a straight line across the middle of the processor and yes it matters which direction. This is important for quads especially. Do some research before you do it yourself.

    You are likely to start burning parts up if you don't do your due dilegence.

    I run a quadq6600 overclocked to 3ghz and I NEVER got over 60c even after prime 95 for 24 hours. Very high ambient temps here too.
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