Overlocking my asus laptop?

Does anyone recommend overclocking an I7 740 notebook processor for gaming or have any good ideas on how to set it up? It seems to be real strong but im wondering if it would even be worth it? I have an ATI HD 5730 but havent gamed on it yet. Im wondering how this computer should be set up for a good gaming experience (and SAFE for my lappy so it will last)
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  1. Laptops generally have locked BIOS to prevent overclocking. Overclocking generates heat and that is something laptops have a hard enough time dealing with. Usually only high end dedicated gaming laptops are able to overclock.
  2. Toally Agreed, Never OC a laptop unless it is designed to be, Your heat dispursion system is most-likely only designed to deal with the exact ammount of heat that CPU generates. Anything above and beyond is likely to cause damage that will not be covered under warranty.
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