Can i play any good games on max?


I was wondering whether you guys think i can play any games such as cod4 or fallout 3 on max/high settings?

These are my specs:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4400+ @ 2.3ghz
2.5gb DDR2 ram
ATI Radeon Hd 4670 512mb DDR3
Vista Ultimate

Ask if you lot need to know anything else

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  1. you can play them, it's just the fps won't be that high.

    well you might get 30fps on COD4.
  2. hmm thats 30fps on max settings you say?
  3. Depends on the monitor resoloution but do not expect miracles from the card.

    Please do n't double post, it makes it hard for us to follow what is going on.
    On a 720 TV you should see good framerates with CoD because it is not particularly hard on the system but not for more demanding games.
    I find the two biggest losses in speed are due to AA and shadows with texture and shader detail having less of an effect, particularly at low resoloutions (like 720 TV).
  4. or that cpu for that matter
  5. while talking about _good_ games, you could give Planescape Torment a try... And you'll be able to max out everything on it :PP
  6. ah rite, thanks for the info :) srry bout double posting it said it had an error creating the thread when i made it so i made another not knowing that one went through
  7. Most newer video cards require at least 2.6 ghz to run without being bottlenecked..:)
  8. means im 300mhz off then :S
  9. just oc the proc to 2.8 and youll be good to go, i got my old 4200+ 2.2 up to 2.8 stable
  10. dokk2 said:
    Most newer video cards require at least 2.6 ghz to run without being bottlenecked..:)

    That's a 2.6 ghz Core 2 or equivalent cpu.... ;)

    An athlon 64 x2 4400+ at 2.6 ghz is still going to be lacking. Even if you got it up to 3.6 ghz, a stock phenom II or Core 2/i7 would still kick the pants off it. On the other hand, that magic 2.6 ghz figure is referring to high end graphics cards (4870/gtx 260 and up), not the 4670. Overclocking would still give you better performance, so give it a shot. Like coozie said, just don't expect miracles.
  11. ok, the thing is that my bios doesnt let me overclock so i got ntune and got processor up to 2.7ghz but it never saves, whenever i restart it goes back to default
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