Changing LEDs in PSU

Ok, so I'm working on a rebuild in an Antec 900 case. The color scheme is orange and black. Now I'm looking at modular power supplies and found one I really like. The only problem is that it's got blue LEDs. The power supply is the Kingwin Mach 1 as seen here:

I was wondering how ethical it would be for me to remove the blue LEDs and replace them with orange ones without destroying the power supply. Thanks.
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  1. Ethical? I don't see anything going wrong, so long as you get the same type of lights (in a different color of course) as the original. Do you know what LED types are in use for your Mach 1?
  2. No, I don't. I was hoping to be able to find that out before I purchased the power supply. By type do you mean like size? And what other things would I have to take into account? Thanks
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