Gpu causing screen to split.

Hi, I dont know if this is a overclocking problem but i think it might be, i have a 6870 maxed out overclocked, running at 37 degrees, randomly, in games my screen will split in two, this has only happened latley yet ive had my gpu overclock for 3 weeks, is this a gpu problem or what? :S the problem im having is the screen is split in too, by this i mean the right side goes to the left and the left side goes on the righ, the computer works fine and the probragms life furmark say my gpu is stable,whats going on?
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  1. I'm assuming that's 37 idle? Whats it at load? Try lowering the Clocks by 5-15MHz. Any better?
  2. 55 underload, ill try lowering. its jsut it takes awhile beforethe screen splits, sometimes an hour, so its hard to test
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    Still sounds like a heat or unstable clock thing. Downclocking by just a hair should fix.
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