AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition

I would love to know if i will not run into problems when useing that CPU with this board.

This is my first Major computer upgrade so im a little nervous about what im buying.

If i do use it, Is there ANYTHING that might come up, Interms of things like bios upgrades? (and of course i know about formatting)
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  2. shouldn't be any problems if it's marketed as AM3 ready.

    however, it might be worth waiting a few weeks for them to release a BIOS update for the 965 BE which will probably come out this week or next since retailers are already advertising it.
  3. Based on it's specifications and information on newegg it should handle the Phenom II 955 along with other AM3 processors, however I went to foxconn's website and it doesn't list support for the 945 or 955, but it does for the rest of the Phenom II line up. You shouldn't have any problems, the support list is just probably out of date, but if you want to be safe contact foxconn and ask them.

    Here is the list. Support List
  4. I like Foxconn stuff. Have owned and will most likely continue to purchase their motherboards BUT that is one suck-ass web site they maintain (end rant).

    Here is a list of Foxconn with AM3 BIOS updates for individual mobos which proclaims "Below list will be updated continuously when new BIOS is released".
  5. The processor should run fine on the motherboard however your not going to be able to run the DDR3 memory which is what i've been reading as the memory in which this processor really shines.

  6. Actually, performance gain is really minimal when using ddr3 over ddr2 right now. The real gain happens when you hit the 2000 Mhz mark and aside from servers, I dont believe you are going to get the gains you think you will. This board should be sufficient to run most of the everday tasks aand programs a normal to moderate user should use. It would be a good buy.
  7. No ddr3? Thats fine for me. Wait did i order ddr3.... Oh no i ordered DDR2 *Wew*

    Anyway thanks guy.
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