Whta memory do i need

hi i have a rc415 st mother board and want to go to 2 gb... i have a 1gb in at mo and a 512mb.. the problem is the 1 gb is a 16 chip.. do i need another 16 chip mem to work

thanks wayne
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  1. Wayne,
    We'd need more info to give an opinion. The motherboard brand and its website for that model. The maker and type of the RAM modules you have now would be useful.
  2. packard bell 1379 i-start, motherboard is a rc415st. the memory i have at the moment is pq1 ddr2-5300 1gb.(16 chips) and a pq1 512 ddr2(8 chips) these work fine together and give a total of 1289 mb. but the problem is,that i tryed a 1gb memory same speed etc,but it only had the 8 chips on it and it did not read that card at all.just the original 1gb i already had in...

    hope this helps
  3. mixing memory is baddd.. stuff like that happens.

    did you try Just the 8chip 1gb chip?
  4. smiffy, have you tried PB support?

    They don't seem to have US support or website anymore, but I chose the UK and found this page:

    Even though it says Battery on that page, it seems to be for Memory. It wants a serial number which I don't have. The info you get from there may be useful in figuring out what RAM will work in the system.

    If UK isn't useful, you can start at www.packardbell.com and choose a country.

    Here's the main page for your computer, not much info there and the articles seem generic, but ...
  5. thanks tryed that and it says that there is a 2 gb memory 5300 ddr2-667 which should be fine for my machine

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