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If you have a limited storage capacity on your SSD, what would be your priority list for the stuff that goes into the SSD ? (Assuming you have a HDD large enough to accommodate all of your data, but the SSD can hold only a fraction of it)

I know number 1 on all lists would be the OS, but feel free to use any number of categories, or even name of a software/game on the list.

PS : This is purely a hypothetical question. All I have is an 80GB IDE HDD, with a 320GB external HDD. My financial situation won't permit me an SSD-equipped PC for the next few years.
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  1. after a few years SSD's would be cheap and have bigger drive capacity.

    to answer your question, it really depends on what you use your PC for.
    if you're a gamer then games would be on top of the list, video/photo editing software if you use your pc for editing stuff (import/export rates would benefit most), if you're more of a media person then your mp3s, FLACs, and videos should go in.
  2. Personally, I would:
    -Buy enough RAM to have all TEMP & SWAP to a RamDrive
    -Have OS and every apps on the SSD
    -Have almost any data on a HDD
    -Put those specific data where I need high performance on the SSD
    -Backup online
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    Put the OS on the drive along with the programs you use the most.

    For the most part there's not a lot of point in putting data files on an SSD since they don't generally require high performance. For example playing MP3 files and movies only requires a transfer rate of a few MByte/sec, well within the capabilities of even very old hard drives.

    But if you're doing work that involves heavy disk I/O (such video editing or batch photo processing), then it might well make sense to put your working files on the SSD.
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