Thermaltake Frio vs Zerotherm ZT10

I currently own a Zerotherm ZT10 and although i really like the low temp i wanted to O.C. my prossesor just a little bit more and at those temps every bit counts.I have read some reviews and they all seem to be saying that the Thermaltake is a littel bit better by 3c.Also the Thermaltake Frio i'm currently looking at is listed at $35 because it's an open box so i would also gain $10 from the purchase.I've read all the reviews but i'm just curious what you guys opinions might be about this.

Also thought i might add that the main reason i'd liek to get the Thermaltake is for the temps and the fact that the Zerotherm is extremely hard to manvour and i thought the mounting would be easier with the Thermaltake.
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  1. The frio is loud... but then so is the ZT10D... If the noise doesnt bother you then they both are good with the frio a touch better...

    If you could list your cpu, case, mobo and ram then I could suggest you some good ones for your price range (around $35)...
  2. Hi.

    1- I'd not buy an open box cooler.
    2- The TT Frio is a little noisy, if you want something good for a good price with little noise, try to go with Titan Fenrir or Thermalright Venomous X.
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