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hey guys. Im doing a little overclocking with my Athlon 5000+

im currently at 2.9ghz and RAM at 414mhz (its just Kingston value ram so ive been making sure to memtest, seems fine so far) HT at like 800 something. stock is 1000

no voltage increase on anything

anyways... i have core temp running and my idle temps are 27-30C and 55-57C during full load.

i know that the Brisbane cpus have bad temp sensors so i set the offset to +12 in core temp and got a reading of 40C idle on ave and at full load i get to 70C ave. also, i can keep my hand at the base of the heatsink without it making me burn.. its warm but not HOT enough for me to get uncomfortable

this is with stock cooler at max RPM. I dont remember my ambient temp but its something like 30C.. im in a cool room.

do the numbers without the offset make more sense than the +12 offset or what? i dont like getting 70C at load.

i built my mom a AM3 build and her 45NM cpu hits 53C max at full load (3ghz dual core). I know its a newer possessor and all but i would hope mine wouldnt be 20C more at full load.

can anyone shed some light?
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  1. bios says system temp is 27C

    does not specify if this is case temp or CPU temp.
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