What programs to clean hard drive?

my 15 day trial of tune up is over and was wondering what other FREE programs i can download. thanks!
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  1. glary utilities.;1

    does pretty much everything tune up utilities does, yet is 100% free.
  2. You can download a free trial of perfect disk. Also, not necessarily a moral way of doing it, you can use 'regedit' to delete the registry entries which disallow use after a certain date.
  3. i dont want to do anything illegal. Is glary utilties used by alot of people? whats the most popular?
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    16 million downloads of glary utilities total... 160,000 last week... i would say its fairly popular.

    just download it, install it and click on the 1 button fix.
  5. on a side note, the only thing i feel that glary utilities lacks in is a good disk defragmenter..... so i also recommend that you download and install auslogics disk defragmenter.
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