Any New Sound Cards Coming Up???

There are many sound cards out right now, but I've noticed they're last gen. or young and crap
I want to get a sound card, but I don't know what to get cause I don't want something outdated if something new comes out
So I was wondering...

Anyone know about any new sound cards coming out?
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  1. A just have the same question .there is one from asus that has a lot of new features as the true hd and dts hd but some people say that this card has same driver problems. there also x-fi a very good card from creative but it doesn't support true hd . another choice is one from auzentech that uses the chip from x-fi .this already has the ultimate features .look at you will find .:) . if Someone known about the new cards coming up i also want to know .:)
  2. need to bump this.

    Anyway, it depends on what you need: Gaming, movies, HTPC.

    ASUS: Xonar DX, Xonar D2/D2X, Xonar STX Essence
    Auzentech: X-fi Prelude, X-fi Forte

    As for the HTPC cards:
    ASUS: HDAV 1.3
    Auzentech: X-fi Home Theatre HD
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