Athlon II x4 won't overclock over 2.8 GHz

Hi again,

I built my PC a few days ago which consists of an AMD Athlon II x4 620 (C2 stepping), well the good thing is its a Deneb die, I easily unlocked the L3 cache. But I can't go over 2.8GHz specifically I can't go over 217 MHz on the chipset, even if I set it to 218 MHz, after 2-3 hours it would get stuck and a buzzing sound would come out of the speakers. My question is, am I doing something wrong? I also tried to lower HT link frequency to 1800 MHz, I am kind of new to overclocking, can anyone point out what I have to do? oh yea the multiplier is locked at 13x, when I OC to 2.8 GHz it runs at 30-35C idle, 44-50 load....

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  1. Can it go higher if you lower the multiplier to 12 or 11? Odd that yours only goes to 2.8. Better question might be can you go higher with the L3 off.
  2. I can go up to 2990 MHz, when I touch 3 GHz with L3 cache off, it restarts after 5-6 mins of normal PC use,
  3. ahh, its fixed I can run 3 Ghz easily now that I have disabled the L3 cache and turned off ACC.... I guess the cache was bad after all
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