Pagefile size and Allocated Memory size - HELP!


I just added a second hard drive to my laptop. This new hard drive will be partitioned into three segments.

My system:
Alienware M17x-R2
Intel i7-Q820m processor
6gb RAM (9-9-9-24) 1,333Mhz
Dual ATI Radeon Mobility HD 4870 cards
Primary HDD is a 320Gb @ 7200 rpm w/ 16mb cache
Secondary HDD is 500Gb @ 7200rpm w/ 16mb cache (NEW DRIVE)

My C drive will stay the same.
My new drive will have 3 partitions:
1. CAD related files ONLY (Not the programs). (I doubt I will use more then 10Gb total for the CAD files)
2. Pagefile.sys
3. Misc.


What allocations should I set each of these to? Keep it at default? 8192? 16k?

I think I can afford to do 16k for each one, but is it necessary? Will 8192 do the job with an noticeable increase of performance? 16k might be a space waster.....

What size should I set my pagefile.sys to, and what size should I set the partition to? For the pagefile.sys, I was going to do 1.5x the ram for initial, and the other area 3x the ram size.

You might say that because it is an i7-820 that I don't need to do anything, but I want to know anyways. :)

I think that is all I need to ask. I'll keep the hibernating file alone.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH ahead of time for anyone who reads this and responds.

Best Regards,
Mike K
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  1. One other thing to add that I forgot to mention.....

    I am running Windows 7 Home Premium, 64bit.

    Thanks again!

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    What's the point of putting these files into different partitions? They'll all work in the same partition just fine.

    The only reason I can see to put the CAD files in their own partition is if you want to keep them in the fastest tracks on the disk. In that case just create a 20GB partition at the beginning of the disk for the pagefile and CAD files and partition the rest of the disk for the other files.

    If the CAD files are all fairly large, then use the maximum possible allocation unit size for the disk. The downside of using large allocation units is that you waste on average half an allocation unit's worth of space with each file. The advantage is that there's less fragmentation of your files and less file system overhead to track free and used space on the drive. Generally speaking you should use large allocation units for a small number of large files, and smaller allocation units for a large number of small files.

    The old rule for pagefile size is 1.5X RAM - but with modern systems with multi-GB of RAM that advice is no longer advisable. You can start out with a pagefile that's about the same size as RAM, then monitor your memory usage. Note the maximum amount of memory you ever use with the most number of your largest programs running at once and handling the most documents, web pages, images, etc. you ever have open at once. If that amount of memory is less than 4GB, then with a 6GB system you may not need a page file at all.
  3. Thanks for responding.

    The reason I wanted to put them in different partitions is basically just to be more organized.....that's all really. Now, if that is not a good idea because of performance issues, please let me know. This partitioning/allocation stuff is something I'm not to familiar with.

    So, I guess I should just let the system maybe take over for the pagefile, or just turn it off. What ever runs better.

    I'm not to concerned about space being wasted. With about a years worth of CAD files in my system, I have 3.5 gb worth. I can't see myself running the space over 50gb anytime soon.

    Almost all CAD files are small (under a meg), so if I out the allocation at 8192, that would not be advisable.

    Thanks for the help!!!

  4. Performance will drop if the drive has to read files from different parttions at the same time as the drive head will have to seek across the drive to the other parttions.

    You can let windows manage the pagefile.
  5. In terms of the ability to organize things, using different folders at the root level of the drive is just as effective as using different partitions, IMHO.
  6. :) :) :wahoo:
    sminlal said:
    In :) terms of the ability to organize things, using different folders at the root level of the drive is just as effective as using different partitions, IMHO.

    I agree with your opinion! I just made two partitions; one for 3d models and the other for everything else. I turned off the pagefile, and my system runs just fine...if not better. If I need to turn it back on, I'll just do so in the "everything else" partition.

    Thanks for answering!

  7. Darn smiley faces!!! LOL
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