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"Conflicting" Sound Drivers

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July 15, 2009 11:43:29 PM

I'm running an E8400 @3.6Ghz, GTX260 216 55nm, 8GB of OCZ SLI Ready memory (800Mhz, 6-6-6-18) and an XFX 780i SLI motherboard. Running Vista x64.

My problem is that I recently purchased Logitech Z Cinema speakers. They were really cheap ($50~ instead of ~$300) and I could make use of the remote it comes with.

Anyway, they connect through USB and apparently use their own sound drivers to channel audio through USB. The only problem is that when I'm using these speakers it overrides the 780i's Realtek drivers and it plays ONLY through the speaker/Logitech driver. It doesn't output anything through the Realtek channel even when I have my headset plugged in, however it still will intake from the headset, it would be nice to have the mic and headset work without unplugging things here and there.

Under the Windows "Sound" part of Control Panel, it shows it with:

Speakers (Realtek) - Working
Speakers (Logitech Z Cinema) Working

But sound is only being put through the Logitech one, where I can see it pulsing while playing music. I've check to make sure it's not just the software, it doesn't come through the headset when I listen either.

Is there any way I can get it to send audio through BOTH the speakers and Realtek channel without re-writing my own drivers? (Haha...) I can't use the headphone plug on the Logitech Speakers because the cable for my headset is split, but only reaches about 6" and I need probably about 2 ft to reach the headphone plug when I have the mic plugged in, and I would rather have both just work.

Thanks for any help in advance!

**I just re-installed the Realtek drivers, and it seems that they took the control back, so now it only plays through the Realtek. So it just so happens to work on which was installed most recently.


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July 16, 2009 1:22:24 AM

one or the other can't run two sound drivers

radio shack has headphone extensions cords for about 7 bucks, just make sure you get stereo and not mono they have both
July 16, 2009 2:51:54 AM

Mmm, I have an extension, but I was hoping for something better, also, the Z Cinema speakers have an input jack as well, so I can put audio in to it from the Realtek channel with a different connector, the only thing is it can only do surround sound from USB input, not Auxilary, so this would be a last option. And every time I wished to use the headset I would have to go into the sound options and change the default device.