Linux not booting from USB!

Hi, I am in a awkward problem.

I can boot windows 7 install DVD, hiren bootCD all from my usb flash drive
but can't boot ubuntu 10.10 live or any other linux from the same USB drive.

I used the Universal USB installer 1.8.0 from

the same USB drive can boot on my laptop and other desktops at my university but not on my personal desktop.

It is a gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5 motherboard rev2.1 and BIOS version F3.

after using windows 7 and hiren boot CD i did not alter the bios setting or change the boot parameter/priority. Still it is not detecting my flash drive.

When the flash drive has windows 7 or hiren's file on it, the drive is shown on the hard disk list at bios, but when it has any linux's boot and installation file on it, the same flash drive is not found on the bios hard drive list.

what kind of peculiar problem it is created by gigabyte?? I think it is the mobo's fault, but I need to resolve it. please help me.

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  1. It is definitely not a mobo problem (I have one of the same model and it boots just fine from all media sources).

    Can you confirm that you have a bootable image of Ubuntu on your flash drive? If you have just the ISO file, that won't work.
  2. man i already mentioned that i can boot the same flash drive on my laptop and some many dell desktop at my university. i did not alter the flash drive at all and its content too. even i did not alter the bios setting when I installed windows 7 from the same flash drive earlier. after win7 i planned to go for ubuntu, but there i trapped. if it is not a mobo/bios problem then why it is not showing the flash drive at bios which it used to show when the content is windows 7 setup files.
  3. Downloading the manual now. Seems you are missing a BIOS option setting. Stand by. While I am waiting, which USB port are you attempting to use? USB 2.0 or 3.0?
  4. Verify that your USB Storage Function is Enabled (on the Integrated Peripherals tab/page).
  5. my all settings were enabled, not only the usb storage function, usb legacy support and usb3.0 were also enabled, even I tried disabling one and enabling, changing one after another but nothing works.
  6. Sorry about that. I have the same mobo in my system sitting right next to me (with latest BIOS) and it boots from a USB drive with linux (Ubuntu) just fine. Does the device show up at all when you manually enter the boot selection list?
  7. here is the problem, your flash is showing at the boot selection list, but mine not showing when the flash drive has ubuntu contents, but the same flash when it has windows 7 install content it shows up at the manual boot selection list.

    Do you think it is a bug at BIOS version F3 of the same mobo? I heard that F3 is the best BIOS for this GA-890fxa-ud5 and so I haven't yet updated to the newer F5 version BIOS.
  8. Update to latest and see what happens. Be sure to save the F3 version should you ever (not likely in my opinion based on performance I have seen) want to revert to it. Worth a shot. Good luck!
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