Ausus m4a78t-e cpu fan error

boot error saying that there is a fan error checked all the connections everything seems to be fine and the fan is running...

any ideas?
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  1. Disconnect then reconnect? Cleaning all contact points? This is the fan that came with your CPU or motherboard? I'm confused, as fans usually come bundled with the CPU.
  2. did you connect the cpu header to the wrong fan header?

    For instance.. a case fan header instead of the cpu fan header.

    you must connect a cpu fan to the 3 prong cpu header or usually the motherboard freaks out from no fan signal on the processor.
  3. Is this a brand new build?

    My CPU fan header is 4prong...

    But yea, check your motherboard manual's schematic against how you have the header installed. If it was installed correctly I'd clear the CMOS in case some setting is incorrectly applied in the BIOS.
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