MSI X58 - powers but will not post

New: Zalman 600 PS, I7 920, MSI X58 Pro, MSI 260 GTX, WD 1TB SATA, OCZ DDR3 2GBx3 (a triple channel pack)
Old: generic 2 - IDE DVD's and a LianLi case (the 5th suystem in this case ... I sure do like working with it)

The board will not post. The yellow light lights on the bottom (power led) and the power bottom on the very bottom of the board when plugged in and then when system powered on a blue led lights above PCI_E (closest to CPU - PCI-LED) and then goes out. The yellow light stays on. Tried clearing the CMOS, restarting the system, unplugging one and then both of the two atx-4 pin CPU power connectors, resetting the 24 pin power several times, leaving all three 2 GB memory sticks in the black channels (A0, B0 and C0) and then one at a time each one in A0, and finally removing and resetting the CPU (it looks like it only goes one way but the indicators al check out); all to no avail. The CPU, MB, PS, memory, video card and HD are all new. PS did boot another less powerfull machine. I have another 500 watt Antec NEO power PS but I think it only has a 4 pin CPU connector if that matters.

Any sugestions?
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    You have done much of this but review it anyway. Next step might be to breadboard.
  2. Thanks for the link Proximon. I believe I have everything there (the motherboard docs do not discuss 4 and 8 pin CPU connectors but i have tried it both ways - always leaving it off the 4 that had a removeable cover as I assumed that was the non used 4 pins).

    Tried to breadboard using only the CPU, heatsink, one stick of ram in A) as directed by mobo docs and the neo power suply. We nt past were I was before to light up all 5 CPU lights and start the fan. Runs about 2 seconds and then powers down all but the yellow power light and will not restart. I took out the batery and will place it back in 5 minutes later (I assume this the same as clearing the CMOS but thought I'd try it anyway) and try again later. The mobo is sitting on the anti-static bag it came in and on the bag is on top of the foam that was in the bag. I did not have the video card or any drives hooked up but thought it should run anyways.
  3. You should not place the MB on the ant-static bag. Place it on a piece of cardboard.
  4. If your board has 8 pins use all 8. Thats what they are there for. Take the cover off and toss it in the trash.
  5. I tried the 8 pin first (combined the two 4 pin CPU powers ... they only go one way but the positives and negs look right). The nwent to 4 pin to see how that worked ... now back to 4 pin with the old Antec NEO power supply.

    Off the antistatic bag and on a cardboard box.
  6. Our tendency is always to doubt that you have really done everything, and we assume it's some simple thing you have screwed up :)

    It's nothing personal, it's just our experience.

    When it really gets down to the point where everything is checked, you are left with swapping out parts. CPU and motherboard in this case. I see that your board has some kind of CPU clock manual switch, I guess you have made sure that's set right.

    Does the board have a header for a speaker anywhere on it?
  7. I understand Proximon. Didn't take it personal and really appreciate the help. It normally is some small thing that you forgot.

    The CPU clock is set to the default (thought about changing that as one other had success overclocking (weird as it sounds) the front bus one step. Breadboarding with the a spare VC worked in a generic mode (CPU, mem, VC and monitor) ... the monitor seems to be esential. In addition to a bad new VC the board must be shorting in the motherboard tray. All of the standoffs are right down the middle (LianLi used the clip kind so you can see the screws right dow nthe center of the clip and the rectangular hole). Adding the usb items still ok. Adding the new SATA drive with the cable thaqt came with the board and it acts like the short above.

    At this time I don't really need the speaker but I can't get to one without the board being in the box. Thinking .....
  8. same problem I have. Did you figure it out yet? I'm thinking rma on the mb?
  9. Hey I have an MSI platinum X58 that was working fine and all of a sudden it started with this Orange LED BS and now I cant even boot it up. I tried everything suggested here too, the only thing thats working to power up the board is not plugging in the processor 8-pin powercable... now, could this be a power supply thing (I bough a new 800w power supply today thinking that was it and the problem persisted, though it could be the new one is DOA) a processor thing (that would suck but I'd return it to NewEgg pretty quick) or a Motherboard thing, (I'd RMA to MSI soon too). Please help... im very tired of the whole I7 problems, I had a nightmare of a time with an XFX X58i that came DOA, now the funny thing is the XFX is working like a charm... wonder if the gods just dont want me to have a good office pc, since now I have to take my new XFX one home so I can play some games!
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