How come in windows my 3.16ghz core2duo shows at 3.17?

if I right click my computer properties..

it lists Intel CoreDuo2 E8500 @3.16 / 3.17.

Why would it show this?
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  1. Successful overclock.
  2. ok... so nothing is really wrong
  3. I'm pretty sure he's just busting our balls, I wouldn't take his questions seriously lol

    At 379 posts, he should have picked up a little bit by now, so I'm assuming he's just being a smart-@#$. Good troll is good.
  4. 3.17 ??! you better have after-market cooling or LN2 cooling or your processor may over heat past 30ºC!!!!! Thats overclocking!!! That voids warranty!!! fdsgfgdfdsfgdfdsfds!!!
  5. Lol fo sho. I'd recommend Liquid Cooling for that beast!
  6. Hey listen. If he is seriously asking a noob question, remember, you were once all noobs - well, me too - back in the old S-100 bus days, back when building a computer meant taking soldering iron in hand.

    Otherwise ...
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. I was actually serious in my question looking for a technical reply that explained why this was. Even something as simple as "rounding up"

    But I laugh along with you anyways...

    I guess I was stupid to ask.
  8. nothing wrong here.
    it is a very minor difference of clock speed.
    i have an e2180 @2.6 ghz and in windows i see 2.61
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